7 Addictive Fall TV Shows That Bookworms Will Love

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As self-proclaimed bookworms, it’s hard to convince us to put down our ereaders in exchange for the television remote. But with a new crop of TV shows getting a ton of buzz, we couldn’t help be a bit curious about what the silver screen has in store. After some research (and several bags of popcorn), we discovered a fall TV lineup jammed with new shows that will appeal to a wide range of bookworms.

Whether you prefer action or romance, here are BookBub’s top picks for the most addictive new TV shows of the season. Happy watching!


Fans of The Fault in Our Stars will love Red Band Society


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FOX’s new show follows a group of young adults navigating their tumultuous teenage years, made even more complicated by the fact that they’re in the hospital battling various serious illnesses. Called “sassy and sorrowful” by The New York Times, the show is reminiscent of the humorous take on cancer in The Fault in Our Stars, coupled with elements of Gayle Forman’s If I Stay—the narrator is a 12-year-old boy in a coma. The combination will have you sniffling through tears one minute, and snorting with laughter the next.


Fans of Something Wicked This Way Comes will love American Horror Story: Freak Show


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The haunting FX mini-series is back for its fourth season with a twisted new setting: a failing 1950s freak show in Jupiter, Fla. Ray Bradbury fans will take delight in the show’s nightmarish group of carnival performers, including a bearded lady, conjoined twins, and a killer clown. Warning: you may not want to watch this one before bed.


Fans of The Dresden Files will love Gotham


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Gotham, another new FOX show, follows Detective (and future Police Commissioner) Jim Gordon as he investigates Gotham’s darkest criminals in their early days, including Poison Ivy, the Riddler, and the Penguin. WhileBatman enthusiasts are a natural audience for Gotham, the series takes on a police procedural cadence that will resonate with Jim Butcher fans as well.


Fans of Shopaholic Ties the Knot will love Marry Me


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NBC’s new fall romantic comedy Marry Me will make chick lit fans swoon. The series follows Annie and Jake, a couple whose relationship starts to fall apart when they finally decide to get married. Yes, cliches abound, but it’s a breezy show that’s perfect for unwinding with a glass of wine.


Fans of Lord of the Flies will love Utopia


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Those looking to indulge their guilty pleasures should check out FOX’s new reality show, Utopia. Fourteen not-so-perfect strangers are sent to an island to create the perfect society. It’s like Lord of the Flies for adults… well, minus all the murder.


Fans of Gone Girl will love The Affair


Images via Goodreads/Showtime

Showtime’s new drama explores the summer affair between Noah Solloway and Alison Lockhart. But The Affair is oh-so-much more than in illicit love story. In a dark, Gone Girl-esque twist, the encounter is told by each lover to a detective, although the crime is yet to be revealed.


Fans of One For the Money will love The Mysteries of Laura


Images via Goodreads/NBC

In The Mysteries of Laura, NBC combines a typical police drama with the hilarity of motherhood. A top NYPD detective, Laura Diamond’s job is a more clean-cut than Stephanie Plum’s, but like Plum’s, Laura’s messy personal life will have audiences roaring.


Which fall TV shows are you tuning in to this season?

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