Voldemort, Shakespeare, and 7 Other Hilarious Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

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Would Voldemort have used social media? What would Shakespeare have said in 140 characters? These are questions every bookworm has pondered, and thanks to some clever Twitter users out there, we now have an idea! From famous poets to The Boy Who Lived, we’ve rounded up our favorite book-related parody Twitter accounts. Which are your favorites?

1. @edgar_allan_poe

The 19th century poet’s reincarnation in the Twittersphere focuses mainly on Poe’s Gothic side, often commenting on death and dying. After all, what else is a dead poet an expert on?

2. @Lord_Voldemort7

He may have met his demise in the Battle of Hogwarts, but the Dark Lord is alive and well on Twitter. Lord Voldemort’s snarky tweets about pop culture are hilarious and relatable (if a bit curmudgeonly), making you wonder if he’s not so different from you and me after all.

3. @shakespearesays

This useful Twitter handle takes lines from Shakespeare’s works and tweets them out as they relate to various pop culture events, such as the Fourth of July, the World Cup, and Thanksgiving. After scrolling through the tweets, it’s incredible to see how relevant the Bard’s words remain today.

4. @ShakespeareSong

Another parody of the Bard, @ShakespeareSong tweets popular song lyrics…but in the way Shakespeare would have written them in the 16th century. Can you guess which songs he’s tweeting about?

5. @WorstMuse

Think you can write a book? The Worst Muse has some inspiration for you in the form of overdone tropes, plots, and clichés that both readers and writers alike will get a kick out of.

6. @TheWaltWhitman

Although he doesn’t tweet very often, Walt Whitman’s bio alone is a gem: “I’m a legendary poet and I’ve come back from the grave to expound upon your magnificent asses.” Tweets include subject matter like nature, alcohol, and the legendary author’s beard.

7. @TropeHeroine

If you read or write romance, Trope Heroine is a must-follow. Similar to The Worst Muse, she pokes fun at common romance novel tropes. No hero or heroine is safe!

8. @HalfPintIngalls

This parody account brings Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder to life, shedding a humorous light on the daily struggles of a rural 19th century American family as they relate to today’s society.

9. @ArryPottah

This fake account of The Boy Who Lived tweets memes and GIFs that only true fans of the Harry Potter series will understand. Of course, there are a lot of true Harry Potter fans out there, and the account has racked up over 130,000 followers!

Which bookish Twitter accounts do you follow?

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