14 Reasons Why Everyone Should Join a Book Club

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Along with reading a brand new book each month, there are so many excellent perks to joining a book club. Below we’ve outlined 14 reasons why book clubs are awesome, as told through Someecards.


1. Book clubs introduce you to books you wouldn’t normally read.

TBR pile


2. The books you read motivate you to be a better person.



3. There’s wine. 




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4. But your hangovers involve so much more than alcohol.

Book Hangover


5. You can make a ton of new friends.

Book club
Bookshelf connections


6. These friends truly understand your addiction.

Book addiction


7. Your fellow book clubbers geek out about your favorite characters with you. 

Fictional characters


8. And they’re never offended that you like fictional characters more than them.

Love fictional characters
The book wins


9. They entertain your idea of becoming a writer.

Oprah book club

Because they share similar hopes and dreams.


10. And they indulge in your weirdest book-related fantasies.

Twilight vs. Hunger Games


11. When you host book club, the other members never expect your house to be clean. 

Cleaning vs. reading


12. They also don’t mind if you’re late to book club. 

Book club


13. Book clubs help you prioritize. 

Reading vs. other stuff


14. And they’re the best excuse to stay in and read. 

Weekend reading

“Sorry, I can’t come out. I have to finish my book for book club.”


What do you love most about your book club? Share in the comments!


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