Bookstores Launch Civilized Saturday as an Antidote to Black Friday

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Five a.m. wakeup calls, pushy shoppers, fistfights… is this what it takes to score a bargain?

Black Friday shopping

For some shoppers, Black Friday is a necessary means to an end the day after Thanksgiving. And it’s not just in the US anymore. The traditional kickoff to Christmas shopping has made its way across the pond to the UK, fistfights and all. However, there are some UK business owners that are getting it right this year — and it’s no surprise that they are booksellers!

Introducing Civilized Saturday, a new UK initiative that will take place on the day after Black Friday as an “antidote” to the shopping frenzy. Here’s how Alan Staton from the Booksellers Association explained it to The Guardian:

[Black Friday is] about discounts, it’s about a feeding frenzy, so we said why don’t we have a ‘Civilised Saturday’, which shows that what booksellers offer is an informed, civilised environment for people to make purchases. It may be for people who have gone through Black Friday and need some R&R afterwards, or for those who shun it for a more civilised alternative.

The Bookshop in Kibworth

The Bookshop in Kibworth will offer tea, cakes, and hand massages for Civilized Saturday.

More than 100 bookshops across the UK are joining in, and from what we know so far, the plans are more than just civilized — they’re perfectly regal. Here’s just a sample of what’s in store:

  • Afternoon tea and hand massages
  • Butlers serving Prosecco at the door
  • Local musicians performing for shoppers
  • Competitions for who can walk the farthest with a book on their head (proper posture required)

We’re all for bringing this UK initiative to the US! Of course, for those who really want to relax while they shop, there’s always Cyber Monday.

Would you like to see Civilized Saturday come to the US?


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