This Machine Lets You Swap Unwanted Gifts for New Books

Posted on December 29, 2015 by

German book vending machines

Give a gift, take a book.

That’s what readers in Germany can do this year, thanks to a new vending machine that will swap unwanted presents for books, reports The Bookseller.

Here’s how it works: Consumers drop in their unwanted gifts, press a button, and the machines spits back a book.

So what happens to all those unnecessary knickknacks and ill-fitting sweaters? They’re donated to charity, giving everyone a holiday win.

The literary vending machine was set up by German trade publisher Bastei Lübbe and book retailer Hugendubel, and it features books by bestselling authors like Rebecca Gable and Ethan Cross.

First introduced in Munich on December 28, the machine has two more days left on its holiday tour, with appearances scheduled in Ingolstadt on December 29 and Nuremberg on December 30.

Would you trade a bad gift for a book?


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