First Photos of ‘The Girl on the Train’ Movie Are Released

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The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins’s debut novel, was arguably the biggest book of 2015. Fans of the Gone Girl-esque thriller were further delighted when it was announced the story would be adapted into a film starring Emily Blunt.

Now, here’s the first look at The Girl on the Train movie, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:



Blunt plays Rachel Watson, the story’s unreliable, alcoholic protagonist. “You can’t avoid the puns with this movie — she’s a train wreck,” director Tate Taylor told Entertainment Weekly of Rachel Watson.

Justin Theroux will star as Tom, Rachel’s ex-husband, and Rebecca Ferguson will play Anna, Tom’s new wife. Haley Bennett will play the complex Megan, and Luke Evans will depict Megan’s husband Scott.

While the book was originally set in London, the movie will move to the Manhattan suburbs. Rachel, however, will still be British. “It adds another layer of loneliness,” Taylor told Entertainment Weekly. “She’s trying to reclaim or redefine herself, and yet she’s not in her native land.”

Hawkins also commented on this location shift, saying, “I’m not really concerned about the repositioning as I think it is the type of story that could take place in any commuter town.”

The film is slated for an October 2016 release.

Will you see The Girl on the Train movie?


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