7 New Romances to Read in February

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This is a guest post from HeroesandHeartbreakers.com.

More than 150 (!!!) romance novels will be published this month, but these buzzworthy books are worth sliding onto the top of your To Be Read pile. What makes them special? Let’s discuss.

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Echoes in Death by J. D. Robb


For fans of the mega-popular In Death series, this one’s a no-brainer — Eve and Roarke are still going strong and there’s another case that needs solving in book 44. Plus, let’s just say there’s a reason — or 10 — that Roarke is “the billionaire who dominates the competition” in our book…

Release date: February 7


The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne


Let us just say that if you haven’t been reading the Victorian Rebels series, you’re missing out — find out why We Want to Be Part of Kerrigan Byrne’s World. And if you have, you already know The Duke is a must-read.

Release date: February 7


Born of Vengeance by Sherrilyn Kenyon


A paranormal romance superstar, Sherrilyn Kenyon knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats. We’re already clearing our schedules for the next League book, Bastien and Ember’s story, Born of Vengeance.

Release date: February 7


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Never Better by Charlotte Stein


Make sure you’re fully rested before starting one of Charlotte Stein’s erotic romances — because you won’t be able to sleep until you’ve finished. Don’t miss her Huge (and Well-Hung) Body of Work. Do make it a point to try Never Better.

Release date: February 14


Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas


Any new Lisa Kleypas novel is big news, but our excitement rose to stratospheric levels when we learned the hero of Devil in Spring, Gabriel, is none other than the son of Wallflower series couple Evie and Sebastian of Devil in Winter fame. We’re counting the days until we can witness the new Lord St. Vincent and Pandora fall in love.

Release date: February 21


Into the Fire by Jeaniene Frost


Vampires never get old (pun 100% intended, yes), and we’ve been avidly following the story of the Prince of Vampires, Vlad, and his love, Leila, since book one of the Night Prince series. Now, we’re gearing up to say goodbye in what promises to be the “explosive finale” to the series. Eeep!

Release date: February 28


Cheater by Rachel Van Dyken


We know what you’re thinking: “What on Earth are you doing recommending a romance novel called Cheater?!” But we have a feeling there’s a lot more to the story. Plus, we’re powerless to resist a good villain-to-hero redemption story, and this one looks to be a doozy. At the very least, it’s got us talking!

Release date: February 28

These are only a few of the standout romances hitting shelves this month. For a complete list of this month’s new releases, visit the February 2017 Shopping List at Heroes and Heartbreakers.

What books are you looking forward to? Tell us in the comments!


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