This Chart Predicts How Many Books You Can Read Before You Die

Posted on March 22, 2017 by

As bookworms, we like to joke that we’re born with unlimited to-be-read piles. But thanks to a new study published by Literary Hub, we can estimate just how much of that pile we’ll get through with our remaining time. The charts below — created by Quartz — show how many books a person can expect to read before they die, based on their age, reading habits, and sex.



Using the Social Security Life Expectancy Calculator and the Pew Research Center‘s data on the average American’s yearly reading habits, the study outlines predictions for average readers (12 books per year), voracious readers (50 books per year), and super readers (80 books per year). So while a 60-year-old average reader may only have 276 books left, a super reader of the same age could read another 1,840 books.

While it’s a sobering reminder that our lifetime reading list is numbered, it could finally spur us to pick up that classic we’ve been meaning to get around to, or be a bit more selective in choosing our next read. If anything, it gives us one more reason to prioritize reading over sleeping and cleaning!

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