Watch the First Trailer for Stephen King’s ‘It’

Posted on March 29, 2017 by

A trailer has been released for the upcoming film adaptation of Stephen King’s It, and it’s going to give you nightmares.

Based on one of King’s most popular novels, It follows a group of teens in small-town Maine who encounter an evil entity. It can transform into their worst fears, including the immensely terrifying Pennywise the clown, played by actor Bill Skarsgård.

The first trailer features scenes that fans of the novel and 1990 television adaptation will recognize — including little boy Georgie discovering the creepy clown after losing his paper boat in a sewer drain, a red balloon floating in a library, and the abandoned house where the teenagers’ worst fears will come alive. There’s also a hungry Pennywise lurking in dirty water and a film reel gone very, very wrong.

If the film is well received, a second part to the movie may be produced, reports Collider. It would cover the part of the novel where the members of the Losers’ Club are adults who return to battle Pennywise once again.

It hits theaters on September 8. In the meantime, it’ll be haunting your dreams.

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