New Study Says Reading Makes You More Attractive

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Does reading make you more attractive to the opposite sex? eHarmony UK says it does — especially if you’re a man. The popular online dating site notes that men who listed reading as one of their interests received 19% more messages while women readers received a 3% bump in communication.

The books most frequently mentioned on dating profiles include a variety of contemporary and classic titles, but not all books appeal equally to the sexes. While The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo garnered both men and women more messages — 36% and 31%, respectively — some books that were mentioned in profiles actually resulted in less communication. Men who listed Harry Potter as a favorite received 56% less communication than men who left the boy wizard off their preferences. And maybe sexy, brooding heroes are just too much competition for some men, as women who professed to love Fifty Shades of Grey received 16% less communication, while Twilight fans received 6% fewer messages.



Far and away, the books that were most likely to attract more responses from women were by business mogul Richard Branson. Mentioning his books Screw It, Let’s Do It and Like a Virgin garnered men a whopping 74% more communication from women. For women, the book most likely to attract male attention was Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games, with 44% more communication from men.



Regardless of what you read, eHarmony reports that bibliophiles are considered to be more intellectually curious than non-readers and have an easier time building open and trusting relationships. So even though reading may never rate as high as traveling, exercise, or photography in the world of online dating, it’s still a pretty darned appealing hobby!


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