14 Summer Reading Challenges for Adults

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Eager to add a new chapter to your summer vacation plans? Consider embarking on a 2017 summer reading challenge! We’ve rounded up a list of this year’s hottest reading challenges to dive (or belly flop) into this season. Featuring a wide variety of prompts, these quirky and creative challenges promise to push you out of your reading rut and help you expand your to-read list. From the New York Public Library’s round up of fresh new fiction to a banned books challenge to a list that emphasizes the classics, here are the most exciting reading challenges to explore as the weather heats up. Which 2017 summer reading challenge is the right one for you? Check them out below!


1. The New York Public Library’s Summer Reading List


When it comes to summer reading lists, no one does it better than the New York Public Library. With titles from Yaa Gyasi, Louise Erdrich, Fredrik Backman, and more, the recent releases included on this list from the NYPL are an engrossing mix of fiction nonfiction. These 20 titles will keep you busy all season long!


2. Book Club Summer Reading Challenge

summer reading challenge 2017 2

As if your to-read pile isn’t big enough — make it grow with Penguin Random House’s Book Club Summer Reading Challenge. The challenge was first published in 2015, but there’s no time like the present to catch up on this great list featuring books from Elizabeth Gilbert, Colson Whitehead, Cheryl Strayed, and more.


3. The Banned Books Reading Challenge 2017

Books that have been challenged or banned are often some of the most interesting works you’ll ever encounter. Dive into this exciting reading challenge from the American Library Association, which prompts you to read 26 controversial books ranging from fantasy to picture books to nonfiction. This challenge is sure to change the way you look at world!


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4. POPSUGAR’s 2017 Reading Challenge


Featuring 40 book prompts — plus an advanced section for serious bibliophiles — this 2017 reading challenge from POPSUGAR is a fun-filled way to start your summer on the right note. Because of its size, summer readers may want to consider cutting this challenge in half to finish by Labor Day.


5. The 2017 New Release Challenge

If you only want to focus on books that were released in 2017, you’ll love this reading challenge from Lexxie, a blogger at (un)Conventional Bookviews. Just choose your level and get to reading!


6. The 2017 Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge

modern mrs darcy

Feel like choosing your own adventure? You’ll definitely appreciate this summer reading challenge from Modern Mrs. Darcy. This challenge promises to “put the oomph back in your reading life,” allowing readers to pick from two different checklists: Reading for Growth and Reading for Fun. If you can’t decide, you can always choose both!


7. The 2017 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

Hosted by Amy at Passages to the Past, this reading challenge is niche, but totally ideal for bookworms who can’t get enough historical fiction in their lives.


8. The Wizarding World Book Club

While not technically a reading challenge, this free online book club hosted by Pottermore has a unique magic we simply can’t resist. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by reading a Harry Potter book each month with this club.


9. BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge 2017


Hosted by Paula Hawkins, this summer reading challenge from BookSparks is filled with books where secrets and mysteries are intertwined. Jump in with the June list to start — or if you’re feeling ambitious, you can also tackle May’s list, which includes Hawkins’s recent release Into the Water.


10. Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge

book riot

Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge is tailored for intrepid book lovers who want to go beyond their comfort zones and tackle new and compelling material. Well-known writers Daniel José Older, Celeste Ng, Sarah MacLean, Roxane Gay, and more helped shape this 2017 list, so get started today!


11. Back to the Classics Challenge

back to the classics

New book releases are always exciting, but you can’t deny the power of a good classic. With the Back to the Classics challenge from Karen at Books and Chocolate, you can re-read your favorite classics or discover a well-known tale that you never got around to reading. With diverse categories and the chance to win a prize at the end of the year, you won’t want to miss this one!


12. Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge


Looking for a reading challenge where you set the guidelines? If so, this challenge from Goodreads might be perfect for you. Simply indicate in how many books you want to read this year, and Goodreads will track progress through summer and beyond.


13. The Pages Read Challenge

How many pages can you read in 2017? While most reading challenges are about the number of books completed, this delightful challenge from Book Dragon’s Lair is all about the number of pages. Just pick a goal/level, and you’ll be on your way!


14. 52 Weeks, 52 Books

52 weeks

For serious bookworms, this reading challenge is a match made in heaven. Designed for the entire year, this reading challenge hosted by Jamie at Books and Ladders introduces new prompts each week. You’ll want to jump in at week 24 to kick off your summer.


Bonus: BookBub’s Summer 2017 Reading Challenge

That’s right — we have our very own summer reading challenge! A choose-your-own-adventure style list, BookBub is challenging book lovers to read one book per week from June to August. Power readers can up the ante by doubling or tripling that amount! Click here to see the full challenge.

Which 2017 summer reading challenge would you love to join? Tell us in the comments!


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