Watch the Emotional New Trailer for ‘Outlander’ Season 3

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A new season 3 Outlander trailer has arrived, and we’re left counting down the days for the show’s return this fall. Though only two minutes long, the video packs in a glimpse of all our favorite story lines, including Claire approaching the print shop and her emotional reunion with Jamie. Check out the new footage of season three below:

The upcoming season of the STARZ drama is based on the plot of Diana Gabaldon‘s third book, Voyager, and will begin by depicting Jamie and Claire’s twenty years apart. For Claire, that includes raising Brianna and navigating her complicated marriage with Frank, as teased in the trailer. In an interview with TV Guide, Gabaldon noted that they’ve “expanded” Frank’s role in the story, “but they’ve done it well, very consistently.”

For Jamie, this time includes surviving the Battle of Culloden and an attempted return home to Lallybroch, where he appears to be captured by British soldiers. Jamie also grows close with Lord John Grey, the governor of the prison where he is kept, and the man whom the trailer shows Jamie confiding in. Grey is played by Australian actor David Berry.

But as Outlander fans know, the most-anticipated moment of the season is the pair’s print shop reunion, when Jamie and Claire will see each other for the first time in two decades. In an interview with Elle, Balfe explained the complexity of their reunion:

“I think anyone who’s spent any time apart from someone that they love, even if it’s just a long-distance relationship, once you see each other again, you have all the expectations, and you have all of the things that you think you’ll say, and the way you think it’ll go. Life’s never like that. I love that it’s kind of complicated.”

We can’t wait to see all of the complexities play out when the show returns to STARZ September 10. And if you missed the initial teaser trailer for season three, check it out here.


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