15 ‘Harry Potter’ Memes Only True Potterheads Will Understand

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone made its debut 20 years ago this summer, and in the decades since, the world has been forever changed. With nine movies, multiple theme parks, a play, countless editions, interactive websites, museum exhibits, adorable accessories and much, much more, Harry Potter fans are lucky to have an endless stream of Potter-related content coming their way year after year. One of the best gifts that keeps on giving though are Harry Potter jokes. The internet is a treasure trove of wizarding memes that never fail to make us laugh out loud. So, in celebration of Daniel Radcliffe’s birthday on July 23, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Harry Potter memes. These images are ones that only true Potterheads can understand and appreciate. Enjoy!


1. This top notch nose humor.


2. The Snape-Potter rivalry is prime fodder for a good meme.


3. Harry knows how we feel when our weekends are all booked.


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4. Try not to sing along to thise meme — we dare you.


5. This emotional meme will appeal to fans of Stephenie Meyer as well.


6. This chart that makes you wonder if Voldemort really wanted to kill Harry after all.


7. We’ve all been there, Harry.


8. Don’t we all wish this sassy scene had actually happened?


9. This Sirius-ly punny discussion between Harry and Professor Lupin.


10. Who among us hasn’t sent a text like this one to a fellow Potterhead?


11. The only army you really need is an army that can smell.


12. If only we could take the entire Harry Potter ensemble on a shopping spree with us!


13. J.K. Rowling’s unreleased Harry Potter book — a magical tale of a wizard’s wardrobe.


14. This meme perfectly sums up our favorite trio.


15. And finally, how can you not laugh at this very silly play on words?

Which of these Harry Potter memes made you laugh? Tell us in the comments below! 


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