10 Last-Minute Reads to Devour Before Summer Ends

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Kortney GruenwaldThis is a guest post by Kortney Gruenwald, a freelance writer and founder of international travel and lifestyle blog The Modern Jetsetter. She is also a Content Editor for Sparkpoint Studio. Kortney currently splits her time between NYC and Europe and is working on her first novel.

Summer is almost over, but there is still time to escape to a beach with literature in tow. Pack a picnic basket with delectable reading snacks and these 10 reads to finish off summer on the most satisfying note possible — well-read.


Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

Two sisters disappear and three years later, one returns. The haunting question: What was the fate of the other sister? An engrossing, mesmerizing, and haunting summer read that will captivate your imagination well into fall, Emma in the Night is the ultimate portrait of family dysfunction with a crime you’ll never anticipate.


The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

If you couldn’t put down The Woman in Cabin 10 last year, you’re going to devour The Lying Game by the bestselling mastermind author behind it all. A woman goes on a walk in a cozy coastal village but leisure turns to horror when her dog pulls something sinister from the water. Throw in four best friends, and what unfolds is the undeniable “it” thriller of summer.


Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

This storyline is not new, but this summer paperback release is so over-the-moon exciting that if you haven’t devoured it yet, it needs to be a part of your last-minute summer plans NOW. If you’re a fan of Big Little Lies and can’t wait for the moment it’s renewed, Truly Madly Guilty will surely get you through fall and ease your Reese and Nicole withdrawals.


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Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta 

A 40-something divorcée is reeling from her empty nest. But when a mysterious text message with the acronym “MILF” graces her phone, it sends her life on a risqué new path. A witty and deliciously satisfying new plot from Tom Perrotta, this literary trifecta of parenthood, sexuality, and self-discovery will heat up your last days of summer.


The Goddesses by Swan Huntley

A woman moves her family to Hawaii in hopes of healing the faults left by her husband’s affair. Instead, paradise delivers a new set of dangers and manipulative forces that could destroy her home life forever. A dangerously engrossing suspense novel that stands apart as one of the most adrenaline-inducing proses of the year, The Goddesses is “the book” to have on your nightstand.


Amanda Wakes Up by Alisyn Camerota

This breezy summer reads combines the ambitions of one journalist at a major news network and the hilarious and relatable unraveling of her personal life. A fusion of The Devil Wears Prada and real-life newsroom drama, Amanda Wakes Up is one of this summer’s most addictive reads. Plus, it was penned by CNN anchor Alysin Camerota.


The Guineveres by Sarah Domet

Four girls by the name of Guinevere come together from all walks of life to be raised by nuns in a convent. But their crossover into adulthood is when the action really starts. A magical prose laced with beauty, romance, and the transformative powers of girlhood, The Guineveres is the star debut of 2017.


Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown

A Berkeley mom goes missing on a hike, and a father and daughter will go to great lengths to unearth the ghastly truth — that is, if love doesn’t distort it. If you are a fan of Big Little Lies and Gone Girl, this is a dark, addictive, and twisty reading experience that will keep you intoxicated to the very last sentence.


The Regulars by Georgia Clark

The paperback release of The Regulars is one of the most important book events of the year. Three best friends take a magical concoction for supermodel-level beauty, but only problems and complications ensue. Take the fine opportunity to reread this drama delight this summer. Unlike the characters, you’ll have no regrets.


What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons

This mesmerizing debut has sent shockwaves of satisfaction throughout the reading world, and for good reason: This prose goes where so many authors don’t dare. A courageous exploration of race, family, love, class, and identity, What We Lose paints the portrait of what it’s like to be stuck between black and white.

What books are you planning to read before summer’s end? Tell us in the comments!


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