19 Ron Weasley Memes Only True ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Will Appreciate

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In celebration of Rupert Grint’s birthday on August 24, we’re sharing some of the funniest, truest Ron Weasley memes out there. The actor may have moved on to other projects, such as the TV series Snatch and Sick Note, but in our memories, Grint will always be Harry Potter’s slightly goofy, totally loyal best friend Ron Weasley. He may not be the Chosen One, but Weasley is our King! Happy birthday, Rupert Grint. We hope you enjoy this collection of Ron Weasley memes below.


1. We adore Rupert Grint’s absolutely brilliant facial expressions as Ron.

Ron Weasley Memes: That face you make


2. Here he shows just how we feel about math.

Ron Weasley Memes: Me in math class


3. And this is exactly what it feels like to be corrected by Google.

Ron Weasley Memes: Google wingardium leviOsa


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4. Oh gosh, don’t forget about Ron’s fear of spiders. Eek!

Ron Weasley Memes: Can I panic now??


5. He accurately summed up our thoughts on his Yule Ball outfit.

Ron Weasley Memes: Feeling cute in a new outfit


6. And we can’t help but laugh at his romantic dance with Professor McGonagall.

Ron Weasley Memes: When boys dance with you


7. Even first-world (wizard) problems can get you down.

Ron Weasley Memes: Attacked by dementors, no soul anyway


8. This is what it feels like to finish a really, really good book.

Ron Weasley Memes: You're gonna suffer...


9. Ron finally got to be the Chosen One!

Ron Weasley Memes: Chosen for the Triwizard Tournament


10. Seriously though, Ron doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

Ron Weasley Memes: He's probably a keeper


11. Remember that time he hatched the perfect plan to rescue Harry?

Ron Weasley Memes: Ron plans Harry's rescue


12. What could ever go wrong… ?

Ron Weasley Memes: How dare you steal your father's car!

13. It was such a foolproof plan!

Ron Weasley Memes: Ron Weasley strikes again


14. Despite the fact that all the odds were stacked against him, even in Rowling’s mind.

Ron Weasley Memes: Your creator wishes your best friend had gotten her instead


15. Ron grew so much throughout the series.

Ron Weasley Memes: She's a nightmare, honestly!


16. And to think he’s got Neville’s toad to thank for meeting Hermione.

Ron Weasley Memes: Really glad Neville lost his toad


17. Humor’s not the only thing Ron Weasley contributed to the Harry Potter series.

Ron Weasley Memes: What Ron did


18. Ron was also the most excellent friend a boy could have.

Ron Weasley Memes: The boy who stayed at school for his friend


19. Thanks, Rupert Grint! You made the best Ron Weasley a Potterhead could ask for.

Ron Weasley Memes: Weasley is our king

Which of these Ron Weasley memes made you laugh? Tell us in the comments!


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