11 Scenes We Can’t Wait to See in ‘Outlander’ Season 3

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The Droughtlander is almost over! On September 10, Outlander returns for its long-awaited third season on STARZ. Loyal fans have been eagerly awaiting Outlander season 3 new episodes since the dramatic season 2 finale last July, and now they’re here! Based on the third book, Voyager, in Diana Gabaldon‘s bestselling series, this season promises to be full of action, drama, and steamy romance. Whether you are a diehard fan of the books or just recently fell in love with the TV show, we’re counting down the top scenes we can’t wait to see in Outlander‘s upcoming season. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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11. Jamie fights in the Battle of Culloden.

Claire leaves Jamie (and the 18th century) immediately before the infamous Battle of Culloden. Jamie is determined to send her and their unborn child safely into the future, and he’s prepared to die a hero’s death on the battlefield. Readers will know that Jamie didn’t die in battle — but how did he survive? What will the show depict? Will he meet his eternal nemesis, Black Jack Randall, at Culloden, as the pictures tease? Actor Sam Heughan alludes to this meeting in an interview with Variety, saying, “If you’ve read the books, you will know that Randall will appear again.”


10. Frank and Claire become parents.

In season 2, we see Claire with her grown daughter, Brianna, in 1968. However, what happened in the many years that passed between when Claire turned back up in the 1940s and then? We know that although she is Jamie’s child, Brianna was raised by Claire and Frank. Actress Caitriona Balfe is excited to share these years together with the fans, telling Variety, “The relationship between Claire and Frank is so rich and complex, I’m really looking forward to that.”

If the photos are any indication, season 3 doesn’t look to be easy for the Randalls as they navigate their complex relationship following Claire’s reappearance from the past. Could anything Frank did really make up for Claire losing the love of her life?


9. All the scenes with young Brianna.

Although the action of season 3 focuses on Brianna as a young adult, we’re eager to learn more about what Brianna was like as a child. Will we see flashes of Jamie in her personality? We know there may not be many of these scenes, but Sony Pictures announced that, “Fans of the books will know that [Brianna] first appears in the second book, Dragonfly in Amber… but continues on to have several major storylines as noted in the casting search details.”


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8. Fergus and Jamie’s budding friendship.

Following the Battle of Culloden, Jamie hid in a cave near Lallybroch for seven years. When English soldiers approach one day, the jig is almost up. Then our favorite French street urchin, Fergus (played by César Domboy this season), bravely attempts to distract the soldiers. As the official casting description reminds us, “Fergus’s devotion to Jamie has never wavered,” and if you haven’t read the books, you’re not going to believe what happens!


7. Lord John Grey as the governor of Ardsmuir Prison.

Australian actor David Berry will play Lord John Grey this season, the redcoat who’s assigned to oversee Ardsmuir Prison, the desolate place where Jamie is sent after his arrest. Lord John Grey and Jamie have a history between them which will make any interactions justifiably awkward, and we can’t wait to see this play out on-screen.


6. Claire shopping for clothes to wear in the past.

In Voyager, Claire purchases a dress that’s described as “floor length, with three-quarter sleeves edged with lace. A deep tawny gold, with shimmers of brown and amber and sherry in the heavy silk.” Even though it was a “trifle fancy,” this scene is a pivotal moment for Claire as her dream is becoming a reality. (We know this image is from season 2, but it’s so gorgeous!)


5. The Frasers’ adventures on the high seas.

After being reunited, the action will move across the Atlantic Ocean in season 3, as the Frasers set sail for the Caribbean. The cast filmed these scenes on a South African set, and Balfe revealed that the mock ships simulated storms, telling Entertainment Weekly: “It’s funny because you do actually start to feel seasick. The whole ship is moving and because you’re down in the dark, you don’t get any view of the horizon.” Of course, close quarters on an overseas voyage could prove to be romantically frustrating for our hero and heroine — turtle soup, anyone?


4. Jamie and Laoghaire’s marriage.

We don’t want to imagine Jamie with anyone other than Claire — and most fans can agree that Laoghaire is pretty much the worst of them all! We wish they didn’t get married, but we have to admit that we are a tad bit curious about how their wedding and marriage will play out in the TV series. Actress Nell Hudson defends her character:

“There’s a sort of purity to Laoghaire’s love for Jamie. Despite all her [scheming], she’s not a bad person, really. Had a parallel universe happened, maybe there’d be a happy ending for Laoghaire and Jamie.”

Will we feel any compassion for Laoghaire, knowing that her husband loves another woman?


3. Laoghaire confronts Jamie and Claire.

When Claire returns to the past, Jamie is less than forthcoming about his marital status. So when Claire and Laoghaire meet up again, the two sure have a lot to spar over… like their shared husband!


2. Jamie sees photographs of his daughter.

Upon reuniting, Claire repeatedly tells Jamie that his daughter, Brianna, is his spitting image. Of course, he would never get to see what she actually looks like without the photographs that Claire smuggled through the stones. This scene in the book surely brought many readers to tears — and giggles, as Jamie attempts to comprehend clothing choices of the 1960s.


1. The print shop moment.

This is arguably the best scene in Voyager, and one of the most anticipated scenes of season 3. When Claire arrives back in 18th-century Scotland, she tracks down Jamie at his print shop in Edinburgh. It’s been 20 years of separation for our hero and heroine, and we can’t wait to see Heughan and Balfe bring this passionate reunion to life.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Executive Producer Matthew B. Roberts promised to deliver double the drama in this pivotal moment:

“It’s Jamie and Claire’s story. So, we wanted to show both perspectives. In the book, you get it from Claire’s view. She comes in the print shop. It’s really kind of told from her POV. I wanted to give Jamie’s POV of the same moment. I wanted to also give the fans the moment twice. They’ve been waiting for it for a long time! So, rather give it to them one time, you give ‘em something they don’t exactly expect.”


What scene are you most excited to see in the Outlander season 3 new episodes? Tell us in the comments!


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