Here’s What Critics Are Saying About the New ‘It’ Adaptation

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Stephen King‘s latest novel adaptation, It, hits theaters September 8 and fans can hardly wait. The movie promises to stick closely to King’s story, while scaring your socks off. Check out our It review round-up to see what critics are saying about the movie IGN calls, “The most Stephen King movie ever.”


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'It' reviews movie still

Hollywood Reporter: “To be sure, the picture’s villain gets an entrance as unsettling as any viewer could hope for.”

Chicago Tribune: “The opening scene is brutally effective, depicting the little Derry, Maine, resident Georgie meeting his cruel preteen doom at the hands, and teeth, of the malevolent supernatural clown Pennywise, and then dragged at alarmingly high speed down into the sewer.”

The Guardian: “A feast of scary Stephen King, plus the haunted kitchen sink.”

Rolling Stone: “You’ll scream bloody murder.”

The Telegraph: “As a rattling ghost-train ride through sewers and derelict houses even David Lynch would think twice before exploring, the film toot-toots its way around at often deafening volume…”

Variety: “Muschietti… has remained faithful to the book’s overall mood while diverging from its particulars, and King fans will surely appreciate the clear effort and affection that went into this adaptation…”

Metro: “It is a success, a genuinely bloody, creepy, and terrifying piece of classic horror mixed with brilliant teen humour, romance, and a classic coming of age story.”

USA Today: “It does justice to freaky horror and youthful zest of Stephen King’s novel.”

The A.V. Club: “Cinematography from Chung Chung-hoon… gives the film a richness and texture that’s far beyond that of most Hollywood films, let alone horror films.”

'It' reviews movie still

IndieWire: “King’s novel comes to sprawling life with plenty of scary moments to spare.”

Business Insider: “It, the latest adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel, is an extremely entertaining studio horror movie that will make you laugh as much as jump in fear.”

Entertainment Weekly: “It delivers the scares, despite too much clowning around.”

Screen Rant: “Andy Muschetti has done what some fans used to think was impossible: craft a film that truly does justice to arguably King’s most enduring tale of terror.”

The Star-Ledger: “It is truly a smart adaptation because it’s not a mindlessly faithful one.”

Collider: “[Muschietti] clearly relishes the ‘scary’ scenes, but there’s just as much effort put into the humor and emotions.”

The New York Times: “The filmmakers honor both the pastoral and the infernal dimensions of Mr. King’s distinctive literary vision.”

Mashable: “The newest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel serves up its frights early and often.”

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