8 Things We Know About the ‘It’ Sequel

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The film adaptation of Stephen King‘s It hit theaters last week, breaking box office records and earning a heap of critical praise. Because the terrifying movie is performing so well, it’s inevitable that a sequel is in the works. This second film will pick up where this chapter ended — almost three decades in the future. Here’s what we know about the It sequel so far. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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1. The sequel has been planned for a while.

This first It film was always intended to cover only the first half of King’s epic novel, which centers on a preteen group in the ’80s who call themselves “the Losers Club” and encounter an evil creature who manifests as a horrifying clown named Pennywise. In fact, the movie even ends with the words “Chapter One.”

In the second half, the group returns to Derry, Maine, 27 years later as adults, upholding their oath to fight Pennywise when he returns. Screenwriter Gary Hauberman, who co-wrote the first movie, is already working on the sequel. Director Andy Muschietti and his sister and fellow producer Barbara Muschietti will also likely return.


2. The kids from the first film will be back.

The young cast from this first movie will still be present, according to It director Andy Muschietti. They will be shown in memories of the now-adults in the Losers Club — and not brief memories, either. Muschietti told Entertainment Weekly:

“On the second movie, that dialogue between timelines will be more present… If we’re telling the story of adults, we are going to have flashbacks that take us back to the ‘80s and inform the story in the present day.”


3. Pennywise will be back, too.

What would It be without its evil clown? Director Muschietti has confirmed that Pennywise, the terrifying manifestation of the evil creature who lives in Derry’s sewers, will be back for the sequel — and he’ll once again be played again by actor Bill Skarsgård. Skarsgård said:

“There’s a lot more to explore in the character Pennywise… I think the second [film] would delve deeper into who he is and what he is. So I’m really looking forward to delving deeper into that.”


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4. Mike Hanlon’s story will be darker than in the book.

Muschietti’s vision for Mike Hanlon, the only member of the Losers Club to reside in Derry through adulthood, is grittier than King’s version in the novel. The director envisions that Mike’s decision to stay behind to watch and record the evil in Derry will take its toll on him:

“He’s not just the collector of knowledge of what Pennywise has been doing in Derry… He will bear the role of trying to figure out how to defeat him. The only way he can do that is to take drugs and alter his mind.”


5. The second film could be bigger — and stranger.

Due to budget concerns, Muschietti had to cut two scenes from this first movie. But with the financial success of the first installment of the adaptation, it’s likely he’ll have more ability to include scenes that examine the mystical elements in the book and It’s strange origins. Muscietti told Collider:

“There are two sequences that I thought of that I had to postpone until more money comes… One is a flashback, that sort of portrays the first encounter of It and humans, which is an amazing scene.”


6. One of the Losers won’t be back.

Fans of King’s novel know that one of the kids, Stan Uris, doesn’t make it back to Derry. Stan, played by Wyett Oleff, was so traumatized by his experience with the shapeshifting creature of It as a child that, when Mike tells them all to return, he chooses to commit suicide instead.


7. No casting has been announced for who will play the Losers as adults — but there’s a lot of speculation.

Besides Skarsgård reprising his role as Pennywise, it’s not certain who will star in the sequel. But that hasn’t stopped audiences — or the cast — from guessing. The young actors told Entertainment Weekly their dream cast for the adult versions of themselves include Bill Hader as a grown-up Richie Tozier, Chadwick Boseman as Mike Hanlon, Jessica Chastain as Beverly March, Jake Gyllenhaal as Eddie Kaspbrak, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Stanley Uris, Christ Pratt as Ben Hanscom, and Christian Bale as Bill Denbrough.

There’s also been a suggestion that Amy Adams could be an adult Beverly, since actress Sophia Lillis, who plays the character, will play a younger version of Adams in HBO’s upcoming adaptation of Sharp Objects.


8. Fans will have to wait several years for part two.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the release date has been confirmed for September 6, 2019, which makes sense given that the studio will need to be conscious of how quickly the kid actors will mature.


Who do you think should star in the It sequel? Let us know in the comments!


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