16 Hermione Memes Only True ‘Harry Potter’ Fans Will Appreciate

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September 19 marks Hermione Granger’s 38th birthday. As Harry Potter fanatics know, she’s the brightest witch of her age, a walking encyclopedia, a role model for girls everywhere, and one of our favorite bookworms. To help celebrate this special character, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Hermione memes. Check out these hysterical images below!


1. Hermione is the ultimate bookworm, and we’ll always love her for that.

Hermione Memes: Has the power of time travel


2. Her love of reading made her the brightest witch of her age.

Hermione Memes: Granger Google


3. What it looks like when Muggles try to be as bright as Hermione.

Hermione Memes: Wikipedia


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4. Hermione showed us that we could be brainy and badass.

Hermione Memes: Brainy and badass


5. And that even the brightest witch of her age had hair troubles.

Hermione Memes: Is that really what my hair looks like


6. But she wasn’t as much of a goody-two-shoes as we thought, was she?

Hermione Memes: Rules are very important


7. She doesn’t hold anything back.

Hermione Memes: Is that a song? It's not very good is it.


8. No, really, she doesn’t.

Hermione Memes: Hermione punches Draco


9. Plus, she has a killer “Can’t you see I’m reading?” glare.

Hermione Memes: Hermione's glare


10. Seriously, Harry and Ron were so lucky to have Hermione.

Hermione Memes: Harry Potter from Hermione's point of view


11. Privacy is no excuse for shoddy writing.

Hermione Memes: She corrects Harry's diary


12. Hermione is not impressed.

Hermione Memes: Applaud your minor achievement


13. Let’s be real, she could even put the Dark Lord in his place.

Hermione Memes: Hermione corrects Voldemort


14. Seriously, Voldemort, did you learn nothing from Sorcerer’s Stone?

Hermione Memes: Killed, or worse, expelled


15. Remember when we didn’t know how in the world to pronounce her name?

Hermione Memes: Hermitwo


16. Here’s a pretty good reason to learn.

Hermione Memes: Better learn to say her name


Which of these Hermione memes is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!


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