6 Things We Know About Stephen and Owen King’s ‘Sleeping Beauties’

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Stephen King‘s new book Sleeping Beauties hits shelves September 26. Co-written with his son Owen King, it promises to be just as spine-tingling as we’ve come to expect from the master of horror. Check out our list of things to know about this unique collaboration.

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1. Sleeping Beauties has a plot that will give readers sleepless nights.

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King

Set in an Appalachian town in the near future, Sleeping Beauties revolves around a disturbing phenomenon that occurs when the women of the town go to sleep: “They become shrouded in a cocoon-like gauze,” according to the publisher’s description. When awoken, “the women become feral and spectacularly violent.” A woman named Evie isn’t affected by the sleeping sickness, which leads to the question: Is she a medical anomaly or something evil?


2. The book is already earning positive reviews.

So far, reviewers are loving the father/son collaboration. Kirkus calls it, “a blood-splattered pleasure,” and Publishers Weekly praises the writing as “seamless and naturally flowing.” USA Today says the novel is “ambitious, heartbreaking and, when it comes to its central horrors, all too timely.”


3. Stephen and Owen merged their writing styles to create a unique new voice for this novel.

It’s no surprise that reviewers are noting the smooth, collaborative style of the authors. Stephen and Owen said they discovered a “third voice” while writing together, creating a new style from their individual voices. It sounds a little creepy, like conjuring a spirit, but we’d expect no less from this dynamic duo. The senior King called collaborating with his son a “blessing” and a “thrill,” so fans can only hope they’ll work together again on a future project.


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4. Sleeping Beauties was originally intended to be a TV script.

When they first decided to collaborate, the Kings intended to develop Sleeping Beauties as a script for a television series. Ultimately, though, they developed it into a novel first — but it has been optioned for television by Anonymous Content. No news of when it might go into production, but the Kings will be involved in the development.


5. The novel ranks as one of Stephen King’s longest novels.

Sleeping Beauties UK by Stephen King and Owen King

While three of Stephen King’s books are over 1000 pages (It, The Stand, and Under the Dome), Sleeping Beauties holds its own as one of his longer books, clocking in at 720 pages.


6. Stephen and Owen are going on a book tour — and it’s pretty much sold out.

Stephen King and Owen King

When King announced he and his son would be doing a book tour to promote Sleeping Beauties, tickets sold out very quickly. Starting in New York City and ending in Sarasota, Florida, the 10-city North American tour is sold out in all but one city at the time of writing.


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