Here’s What We Know So Far About HBO’s ‘Sharp Objects’ Adaptation

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While it may not have been the runaway success that Gone Girl was, Gillian Flynn‘s taut debut thriller, Sharp Objects, still remains favorite among fans and bookworms alike. Now that this gripping and ultra-suspenseful novel is about to leap off the page and onto the small screen, there’s even more reason for book lovers to rejoice. Although the Sharp Objects HBO premiere date may be a year away, we’ve got all the latest news and gossip about this can’t-miss adaptation, including who’s starring, who’s working behind the scenes, and what Flynn herself thinks of it. For more of an insider’s look, keep on reading below!

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1. The series will air in 2018.

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This long-awaited adaptation is slated to premiere on HBO in June 2018, according to a recent tweet from Flynn herself. The first season will be eight episodes long, which means the show’s creators will have plenty of time to dig into the source material for inspiration.


2. It’s based on Flynn’s first novel.

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Flynn became a household name with the release of Gone Girl, but many fans of that book may not realize that Sharp Objects is where it all started for Flynn. While working as a critic at Entertainment Weekly, she dedicated her nights and weekends to writing her first book, which follows a reporter wrestling with mental illness who returns to her hometown to cover the murder of two preteen girls. It looks like it really paid off (in more ways than one).


3. The cast is incredible.

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Amy Adams is set to star as Camille Preaker in the forthcoming series, but she’s not the only talent we can expect to see in the Sharp Objects HBO adaptation. The cast also includes Patricia Clarkson as Camille’s mother Adora, Chris Messina as Detective Willis, newcomer Eliza Scanlen as Amma, Lulu Wilson as a young Marian, and Matt Craven as Vickery.
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4. Jean-Marc Vallée will direct.

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Fresh off the success of the Emmy Award–winning adaptation of Big Little Lies, director Jean-Marc Vallée could potentially strike gold twice with HBO’s Sharp Objects. Vallée, who also directed Wild and Dallas Buyers Club, is sure to help bring out the Southern Gothic elements of Flynn’s original and give audiences exactly what they’re looking for here.


5. Flynn loves the casting.

Adapting a book to the small screen comes with challenges, and getting an author’s thumbs-up is even more difficult. This adaptation is earning early praise from Flynn, though, who also serves as the executive producer of the series and co-writer alongside Marti Noxon. She revealed in a recent Facebook post that she’s “thrilled” and “positively giddy” not only over the HBO series but also over the fact that Adams is going to star. She even refers to Adams as the “perfect Camille.”


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