6 Things to Know About the ‘Outlander’ Print Shop Episode

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Ever since Outlander‘s season two ended with 20th-century nurse Claire back in her own time and separated from her 18th-century husband Jamie Fraser, fans have been anxiously awaiting the couple’s reunion. Now, the much-hyped Outlander print shop scene is only days away, and we are impatient to see one of the most anticipated scenes in the whole series played out on the small screen. Although we’ve had to suffer a mini-Droughtlander, the show returns after a one-week hiatus on Sunday, October 22 — and it will be worth the wait! From set details to plot adjustments, here are the key things to know about the Outlander print shop scene.

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1. The official episode title is “A. Malcolm.”

Voyager readers already know that the sixth episode title is a nod to Jamie’s nom de plume — Alexander Malcolm, two of his middle names — as he works as a printer in Edinburgh. (Go ahead — you know you love saying Jamie’s full name as often as possible: James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser.)


2. The reunion episode is longer than other episodes.

Treat yourself to a wee dram in celebration! Instead of an hour in length, the print shop episode will run for 74 minutes. Executive Producer Maril Davis says in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter,

“I’m most excited that we chose to do something that most people wouldn’t do, which is to spend about 40 minutes in one set with two characters and see them reconnecting. Most people would do like 10 minutes and then get out. It’s so long to sit with them in there but to me, it’s a luxury and a journey.”


3. The scene will go differently than readers remember.

In the novel, this pivotal scene is told from Claire’s perspective. However, the show’s executive producer Matthew B. Roberts has promised fans that they’ll get to see the reunion from both sides, telling Entertainment Weekly, “I wanted to give Jamie’s POV of the same moment… I wanted to also give the fans the moment twice.”

Director Ronald Moore echoed that sentiment, telling the Hollywood Reporter:

“[Jamie] doesn’t know what’s coming and we all do. He’s living in Edinburgh and has this other life, who are all these people in that life? It’s a whole different atmosphere. I wanted to really relish and enjoy the tension of that waiting for the door bell to ring and to see what happened from his perspective. It was a fun way to set it up.”


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4. Producers worked hard to ensure the print shop set was perfect.

Moore says that given the gravity of the setting, the crew “made sure to give it the time and space and energy” it deserved. In fact, two working printing presses were made for the show, and actor Sam Heughan learned how to operate them for his takes.


5. The actors brought their A game while filming this episode.

Roberts praised the performances of Heughan and Caitriona Balfe:

“I think Cait and Sam definitely found the small moment in the reality of being apart for 20 years. And I think that’s what was special is that, no many how many different takes we did, they found it every time. That’s difficult to do.”


6. Expect a bit of awkwardness in the Frasers’ reunion.

Balfe warned fans that the print shop reunion won’t be a “classic romance-novel moment,” and their steamy scenes that follow might get a bit awkward. She explains:

“We wanted to play with it in terms of that they’re like two teenagers again, to do some kind of mirroring to the wedding episode, where even though they’ve never forgotten about each other, they don’t really know each other, so there’s definitely a process of discovery and they’re not quite sure what to do with their bodies or their words. I think that lends a realism to it.”

Are you excited to see the print shop episode of Outlander? Let us know in the comments!


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