5 Things to Know About Stephen King’s ‘1922’ Adaptation

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If you did something truly unspeakable, could you live with the guilt, or would it consume you whole? That’s the question that burns throughout 1922 — the upcoming Stephen King adaptation that premieres on Netflix on October 20. Written and directed by Zak Hilditch, the 1922 movie is the latest in a string of critically-acclaimed films and TV shows set in the King multiverse. Here’s everything you should know about 1922.

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1. It’s based on a novella from King’s Full Dark, No Stars.

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1922 is based on a novella of the same name, which appears in Stephen King’s 2010 collection Full Dark, No Stars. Set during the Jazz Age in Hemingford Home, NE (which fans of The Stand will remember was also the hometown of Mother Abagail), the story focuses on Wilfred James, a farmer who plots with his teenage son to murder his wife in order to keep her from selling 100 acres of nearby farmland.


2. The cast looks amazing.

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The 1922 movie stars Thomas Jane, who has previously appeared in two other Stephen King adaptations — 2003’s Dreamcatcher and the 2007 film version of The MistMolly Parker stars as his wife, Arlette, and Dylan Schmid co-stars as James’s son, Henry. Kaitlyn Bernard appears as Henry’s girlfriend, Shannon Cotterie.


3. This is the third adaptation from Full Dark, No Stars.

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In addition to 1922, there have been two adaptations from Full Dark, No Stars. The first was the 2014 psychological thriller A Good Marriage, which starred Joan Allen and Anthony LaPaglia. Big Driver, which is another novella from the book, was also adapted in 2014. The crime thriller aired on Lifetime and starred Maria Bello, Joan Jett, and Olympia Dukakis.


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4. Stephen King calls it “super creepy.”

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In a recent interview with Yahoo Movies, the Master of Horror himself gave the upcoming 1922 movie a ringing endorsement:

“The one you want to watch for is, Netflix did an adaptation of 1922 from Full Dark, No Stars… [M]an, I saw a rough cut of that and it won’t leave my mind. That is super creepy!”


5. Critics love it.

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The 1922 movie has been getting rave reviews from critics, who are roundly praising it for its straightforward storytelling and intimate look at a man’s steady spiral into madness. IndieWire calls it “a study in pure psychological dread,” while The Verge points out that compared to the other, more sprawling King adaptations out this year, “[1922] isn’t trying to lay the foundations for a grand, cosmic universe. It isn’t trying to build characters who can sell their own merch and carry their own spin-offs down the road. It’s just a simple, single self-contained horror story.” Collider also gave the film a shout-out, calling it “atmospheric and sparing” and adding that, “1922 is one of King’s subtle nightmares, but it packs a punch.”

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