10 Details from ‘Outlander’s Print Shop Episode You Might’ve Missed

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Outlander‘s Claire and Jamie waited 20 years to be reunited, and the time finally came! The highly anticipated Outlander print shop episode aired on Sunday night, and we’ve rounded up all the details of the reunion that even the most devoted fans might have missed. From Easter eggs hidden by author Diana Gabaldon herself to major changes from the books, check out our list of the most interesting details from the latest episode of Outlander — and then rewatch it again, of course!

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1. The sign outside the print shop is full of symbolism.

For example, at the top of the sign, there are symbols for Jupiter and Saturn, two opposing symbols that most likely represent Claire and Jamie, respectively. In the middle, you can see the Freemason square and compass, making it easier for other Masons to identify Jamie as one of them. There are even strawberry blossoms around the top corners to represent Clan Fraser. Check out this article from OutlanderCast for a deep dive into the sign’s symbolism.


2. The two lovers take the same action at the sign.

In episode six, Jamie pauses to wipe dust off the sign, just as Claire paused in episode five before she walked into the shop. Our lovers, though separated by time for decades, are still completely in sync.


3. Sam Heughan was actually operating the printing press.

Director Ronald Moore told the Hollywood Reporter, “Gary Steele, our production designer, spent a lot of time designing the print shop. It was a big set on stage.” In fact, two working printing presses were made for the show, and Heughan learned how to operate them for his takes.


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4. We’ve actually seen the print shop set before.

In a post-show interview following the episode, the writers and directors revealed that the print shop set was actually repurposed from Master Raymond’s Paris apothecary shop set from season two.


5. Claire wears both of her wedding rings throughout the episode.

Both of Claire’s husbands impacted her life greatly, and she honors both marriages by continuing to wear one wedding ring on each hand. Readers know that it would take something disastrous to separate Claire from either piece of jewelry.


6. Jamie hesitates to answer Claire when she comments about their respective marital statuses.

Could this be a foreshadowing of challenges yet to come?


7. Jamie’s critique of Brianna’s name has deeper meaning.

When Claire told Jamie the name she gave to their daughter, Jamie replied, “What an awful name for a wee lass!” It might be a bit surprising to hear a father put down the name given to his child; however, there is an explanation. In the following book from the series, Drums in Autumn, the Scottish characters tell Claire that in Gaelic the word “Bree” means “a great disturbance.”


8. Speaking of Drums in Autumn, did you see it on the print shop shelves?

Leading up to this episode, we learned that Gabaldon arranged for an Easter egg to be hidden somewhere on the print shop set. Entertainment Weekly revealed that a copy of Drums was on the shelves, but it may be difficult to find! (As if we needed one more reason to re-watch the episode…)


9. Jamie’s revelation about Willie happens differently than the book.

As the case with any page-to-screen adaptation, there will be differences between the two mediums. The biggest one Outlander fans may notice is that Jamie quickly revealed to Claire that he had a son named Willie with another woman — information Claire learns quite differently in the novel. What kind of impact will this have on future episodes?


10. “A. Malcolm” echoed another favorite episode — “The Wedding.”

From sharing a meal before becoming intimate to the many awkward moments, this episode was almost like seeing the Frasers on their wedding night all over again. Not to mention, we were brought to tears when Jamie says again, “Dinna be afraid. There’s the two of us now.”


What did you think of the Outlander print shop episode? Let us know in the comments!


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