Watch: Jamie & Claire’s Awkward Return to Lallybroch in ‘Outlander’ Preview

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A second Outlander clip of the upcoming episode titled “First Wife” has arrived, allowing fans a preview of Claire and Jamie’s unwelcome return to Lallybroch.


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Last week’s episode was a reminder that the serenity of the print shop reunion is long behind us. Claire and Jamie’s future in Edinburgh quite literally went up in flames, and young Ian was nearly killed in the process. In “First Wife,” the battered trio returns to Jamie’s family home, Lallybroch.

In the preview, Jenny — Jamie’s spitfire sister — does not welcome her brother, runaway son, and long-lost sister-in-law with open arms. Instead, she calls Claire a “stray” and disdainfully questions why she “drops back into our lives after 20 years as though nothing’s changed.”

Watch the awkward family reunion for yourself below, courtesy of Decider.

The Starz show’s third season is based on Diana Gabaldon‘s Voyager, and began with a long period of separation as Claire raised Brianna in 20th-century Boston and Jamie picked up the pieces after the Battle of Culloden. Since the couple’s steamy reunion in the print shop episode, they’ve faced new challenges, including a violent attack on Claire by a “ruffian” and a confrontation with an “agent of the Crown” who was extorting Jamie for his illegal whiskey dealings.

But fans of the book series know, one of the couple’s greatest challenges is yet to come, as Jamie prepares to reveal he married another woman in their time apart — and not just any woman! Viewers were tipped off to this dramatic plot point in Fergus’s loaded question at the end of the last episode: “The lady does not yet know about your other wife?”

We can’t wait to watch it all unfold. Next week’s episode of Outlander airs Sunday, November 5 at 8pm ET on Starz.


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