16 Stephen King Memes Only True Fans Will Appreciate

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Do you love Stephen King to the point that you’re literally counting down the days until his next book, The Outsider, hits stands next year? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. From sewer-dwelling clowns to killer Saint Bernard dogs, the monsters King has conjured up have tantalized our imaginations and scared us senseless for over 40 years. Check out these hilarious Stephen King memes that only true fans will appreciate.

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1. He’s the Master of Horror for a reason.

stephen king memes 13


 2. Sure, you have other fandoms.

stephen king memes 2


3. But King will forever be your favorite.


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4. Even the best writers could still learn a thing or two from him.

ste[hen king memes 6


5. You love meeting other fans.

stephen king memes


6. You become instant best friends.

stephen king memes 10


7. That special feeling you get when you see his latest book for the first time.

stephen king meems 5


8. Or discover a book you’ve never read before.

stephen king memes 7


9. You’re completely obsessed with book and adaptation theories.

stephen king 15


10. And sometimes your life seems eerily similar to one of his plots.

stephen king memes 14


11. When people judge King’s work by the TV and movie adaptations, you’re just like…

stephen king memes 12


12. Non-readers might think you come off a little intense.

stephen king memes 8


13. They just don’t understand what it’s like to be a Constant Reader.

stephen king memes 9


14. If you met King in real life, there’s only one thing you’d want to say:

stephen king memes 3


15. Until then, you’ll just keep reading.

stephen king memes 4


16. Or rather, float on.

stephen king meesss


Which of these Stephen King memes made you laugh? Tell us in the comments!


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