Williams-Sonoma Releases New ‘Harry Potter’ Kitchen Collection

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Just in time for Thanksgiving, retailer Williams-Sonoma has released a brand-new Harry Potter kitchen accessories collection that’s perfect for Muggles. The exclusive collection includes spatulas featuring each of the four Hogwarts Houses, as well as colorful Hogwarts aprons that come in both adult and child sizes.

Williams-Sonoma lists each apron with this delicious description to whet your appetite:

“When young kitchen wizards conjure up treacle tarts, peppermint toads, and Mrs. Weasley’s corned-beef sandwiches, this is their apron of choice.”

Cooks who consider themselves “daring and chivalrous” can don a red and gold apron Gryffindor apron that carries the Hogwarts house crest. Consider yourself more loyal to traditional dishes? A bright yellow Hufflepuff apron or spatula may be more your style.  Those who are “wise and witty” will look best in a blue Ravenclaw apron. And of course, “resourceful and ambitious” Slytherins can don their own green apron while they whip up a fantastic Thanksgiving feast.

The Harry Potter aprons are made of 100% cotton twill, with a double front pocket for storing your matching spatula and various potions. The children’s version also includes an adjustable velcro tab at the neck.

The special Hogwarts spatulas are made of BPA-free silicone that’s heat-resistant and safe for use with nonstick cookware — which means you’re free to use one to stir that hot batch of butterbeer you’ve been wanting to make this month. The handle is also shaped like a paintbrush for a more comfortable grip while cooking.

Are you making a magical meal for the holidays — or just looking for that perfect gift for your favorite Muggle? Spatulas cost $12.95 and the aprons run $24.95 for the child size to $39.95 for the adult version. You can check out the full Williams-Sonoma Harry Potter kitchen collection here.

Which of these Harry Potter kitchen accessories is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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