Watch: Jamie Is Not Pleased in This Tense New ‘Outlander’ Preview

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Fans addicted to the roller-coaster adaptation of Outlander need to watch this brand-new Outlander clip of season 3, episode 9, “The Doldrums.” See the sneak peek below:

Released by Entertainment Weekly, the two-minute clip shows Jamie and Claire on board the ship called the Artemis. They receive a surprise when their young friend Fergus (César Domboy) arrives with the sharp-tongued Marsali (Lauren Lyle).

“What the hell are you doing here?” Jamie asks, shocked to see the daughter of his vindictive wife (yes, wife!) Laoghaire. Both mother and daughter hold an immense disdain for Claire.

“We’ve been courting since last August, and we were hand-fasted this morning,” Fergus says. Jamie explains this 18th-century custom to Claire, and discovers — to his relief — that Fergus and Marsali have not consummated the marriage.

Jamie wants Marsali off the ship immediately, but she does not budge, spitting harsh words about Claire to her stepfather:

“You left my mother for this English whore, making her a laughingstock. And you say it’s not my concern?”

Marsali uses her wiles to secure her place on the ship. A frustrated Jamie consents, but warns the two, “Fergus does not touch you. Two cabins. Fergus will be with me. Marsali will be with Claire.”

The clip ends with the women’s looks of shock and outrage at being cooped up together.

We’re dying to know what happens between these four in season 3, episode 9. Will Jamie be able to prevent Fergus from binding his union? And how will Claire survive staying in a cabin with a young woman who seems to dislike her as much as Laoghaire does?

Find out what happens this Sunday when Outlander returns at 8pm EST on Starz. In the meantime, check out our review of Outlander wines to sip as the drama of the season unfolds!

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