6 Things to Know About Andy Weir’s New Book, ‘Artemis’

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Andy Weir, author of the bestselling novel The Martian, released a brand-new book on November 14. His latest novel, Artemis, takes place on the moon and features a female protagonist wrapped up in a heist. Want to know more? We’ve compiled a list below of other facts you’ll want to know before reading Andy Weir’s new book.

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1. Artemis is Weir’s second novel and first since 2011’s The Martian.

Artemis and Weir

Weir was initially working on a novel called Zhek, but he dropped the project after 70,000 words — declaring, “This book sucks” — and decided to spend his time writing Artemis instead. Although it’s less focused on science, Weir claims that Artemis was actually much more work than The Martian due to the time spent crafting the lunar city of Artemis.


2. Artemis is a stand-alone thriller.

Artemis takes place in a different universe than The Martian, on Earth’s moon which is now colonized. Weir says he based the lunar city of Artemis on touristy Caribbean island resorts. In addition to a new setting, this new novel further differs from Weir’s previous work in that the story is a crime thriller. Artemis‘s protagonist Jazz Bashara operates as a smuggler, and when a wealthy businessman offers her the deal of a lifetime to pull off a heist, she can’t refuse.


3. There’s already a film adaption in the works.

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20th Century Fox snagged the rights to Artemis, and Phil Lord and Christoper Miller are on board to direct Weir’s newest adaptation. Weir says he doesn’t want to write the screenplay, though, and has hinted that someone close to the directors will take up the task. There is no word yet on cast or release date.


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4. Actress Rosario Dawson will voice our heroine Jazz in the audio version.

Rosario Dawson

While no film cast has been announced, actress Rosario Dawson lends her talents to the audiobook version of Artemis, also available November 14. She’ll voice the novel’s protagonist Jazz, whom she described as “super MacGyver.”


5. Weir received advice from George R. R. Martin.

Weir and Martin

While drafting Artemis, Weir received encouragement from his friend and fellow bestselling author George R. R. Martin. Weir admitted to having imposter syndrome and worrying about living up to the success of The Martian, but Martin reassured Weir that it happens to even the best of them.


6. Critics agree that Artemis will appeal to fans of The Martian.

Publishers Weekly writes, “Weir leavens the hard science fiction with a healthy dose of humor,” and Kirkus Reviews likes that the novel has “intriguing elements — such as the fact that space travel is controlled by Kenya instead of the United States or Russia.” Entertainment Weekly says, “Weir has an undeniable gift for bringing NASA-level knowledge down to earth.” Salon writes, “Jazz Bashara makes for an intriguing protagonist,” adding “Hell yes, Artemis should be made into a movie.”


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