New ‘Outlander’ Preview: Jamie Fights to Reunite with Claire on the High Seas

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Ahoy, Outlander fans! If you’re anxious to see what new conflicts Jamie and Claire Fraser face in Outlander season 3 episode 10, you’ll want to check out the new clip below.

The episode, titled “Heaven and Earth,” promises to be dramatic, and potentially dangerous, for the star-crossed lovers. As we saw last week, Jamie and Claire have spent weeks at sea on board the Artemis on the way to Jamaica, and it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. In this clip, Jamie angrily confronts Captain Raines and finds himself with a face full of guns and knives as a result.

Take a look at this exclusive clip released by Esquire:

Poor Jamie. He’s only just been reunited with Claire and now she’s been taken from him once again!

When we last saw Claire, she was leaving Jamie on the Artemis to board the passing British man-of-war Porpoise in order to use her medical skills to assist with a typhoid outbreak. Now we’re discovering that not only has the British ship sailed away with Claire still on board, but Captain Raines was aware of the plan to take Claire hostage.

“They have my wife!” Jamie yells, as he sees Claire through a spyglass on the departing Porpoise. His frantic attempt to get the crew to go after the Porpoise is quickly overridden by the dismissive Captain Raines.

When pressed, Raines acknowledges that he was aware Claire would be detained for the duration of the voyage to Jamaica. “I have more than your wife to think about, Mr. Fraser,” he tells a distraught Jamie.

Obviously, Jamie isn’t very happy with this turn of events and makes a grab for Captain Raines, which brings the already anxious crew down on Jamie with weapons drawn. With Claire sailing away faster than the Artemis can catch her, Jamie doesn’t seem to have much choice but to make peace with Raines and endure this new ordeal until he can be reunited with Claire in Jamaica.

With season 3 more than halfway through, we’re just as anxious as Jamie to see the lovers reunited in Jamaica!

Outlander airs at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.


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