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As November comes to a close, we’re looking back on the best books of the fall. From fast-paced suspense to swoon-worthy love stories, these are fall’s best new releases that earned an average rating of 4.5 stars (or higher!) from BookBub members. Check out the list below. Please note: The numbers below reflect the data at the time of this article’s publication, and numbers may change over time.


Secrets in Death by J. D. Robb

BookBub member review: “As usual, J. D. Robb has presented us with a picture of Dallas and Roarke that is extremely entertaining along with a good mystery. The seriousness of her work as a police lieutenant combined with the small areas of wit make her book another great one. As usual, the ‘bad guy’ isn’t caught until the very end, but the book continually gives us clues.”

Average Rating: 4.9


Dark Legacy by Christine Feehan

BookBub member review: “I loveeee the dark series but this by far is my favorite in the series. The characters are hilarious and the story is great. I can’t count how many times I literally busted out laughing.”

Average Rating: 4.8


Enemy of the State by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills

BookBub member review: “Once again, Mitch Rapp comes alive in this action-packed thriller. I loved the occasional humor that we don’t expect in a serious book. The characters come to life with the author’s witty dialogue… a five-star read!”

Average Rating: 4.8


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You Do Something to Me by Bella Andre

BookBub member review: “5 BEAUTIFUL PERFECT STARS!! This is one of my favorite books by Bella Andre. [I]t is sweet, beautiful, and perfectly written. I fell in love with Alec and Cordelia — two people so different can be so right for each other. This book is the perfect weekend read with a cup of tea.”

Average Rating: 4.7


Enigma by Catherine Coulter

BookBub member review: “Be prepared for drama and action as the FBI’s CAU division deals with a medical megalomaniac and a mastermind killer who shows no mercy. The 21st book in the series is just as strong, thrilling, suspenseful, and intriguing as the first 20. These villains aren’t quite as twisted as some of them have been, but they still provide you with a shiver down the spine. Coulter chose not to use Savich’s ‘special’ gift in this book, and I wonder if she’s decided to move away from that angle… Weaving back and forth between the two storylines, multiple intriguing characters, and diverse locations will keep you turning pages as fast as you can to see what happens next. It is definitely a must-read!”

Average Rating: 4.7


The Romanov Ransom by Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell

BookBub member review: “Having read most of Cussler’s books, I look forward to new releases. This was no disappointment. Familiar characters, a lost treasure, lots of villains — all make for comfortable reading at the end of a busy day, although sometimes keeping me up later than planned.”

Average Rating: 4.7


Deep Freeze by John Sandford

BookBub member review: “Gotta love Virgil. Gotta love John Sandford. One of my favorite authors. Starts a little different than most Sandford books, but then settles into what I am used to from him. Virgil doesn’t have his boat this book, but does manage to lose his truck, go figure. Good story. Good characters. Fast-paced, easy read. Schrake and Jenkins show up, and there is a call from Davenport. The gang’s all here.”

Average Rating: 4.7


Immortally Yours by Lynsay Sands

BookBub member review: “I’ve wanted to read Beth’s story for a long time. I wasn’t disappointed. Ms. Sands always writes entertaining and fun characters, and this one was no exception!”

Average Rating: 4.7


Merry and Bright by Debbie Macomber

BookBub member review: “Merry and Bright is a fun, entertaining story (Debbie Macomber never disappoints). It has good characters, a lovely city (I want to live there), a cute premise, and a set during a magical time of year — Christmas. I liked the themes presented in the story — Christmas is a condition of the heart (isn’t that just beautiful), kindness, generosity, openness, showing love to those we cherish, bad things about assumptions, misconceptions and judgements can be harmful/detrimental. I found Merry and Bright to be well-written with a nice ease to the writing (it flowed nicely).”

Average Rating: 4.6


A Column of Fire by Ken Follett

BookBub member review: “A great book encompassing the Elizabethan Era in England, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. A great historical novel. Very worth reading.”

BookBub member review: “If you have read the books that come before this one — keep reading. I really liked this book and loved seeing how the later generations of characters introduced in The Pillars of the Earth are faring.”

Average Rating: 4.6


Don’t Let Go by Harlan Coben

BookBub member review: “This story has more twists than the wild mouse ride in old Coney Island. You are going to be going back and forth trying to figure this one out, and then you will have to start all over again. A great suspense read with characters you will like way after you finish this book. Detective Napoleon “Nap” Dumas never got over the loss of his twin 15 years ago and has always searched for answers. In another town, a police officer is shot during a traffic stop. Fingerprints are found in the abandoned car that belong to Nap’s high school girlfriend who has been missing since the night his brother died. Abandoned military bases, secrets, lies, friendships, and the search for the truth are all packed into this book. Well-written and an over-the-top enjoyable read.”

Average Rating: 4.6


Second Chance Girl by Susan Mallery

BookBub member review: “Aww the second installment to this new Happily Inc. series was really cute. It was kind of a friends-to-lovers story with Carol and Mathias being neighbors and from there a close friendship was born and then finally the romance. Although it did take them a while to get romantically involved, their story was more sweet and emotionally filled than the first book in the series. And as a bonus, there’s a secondary love story in this book between Carol’s sister, Violet, and a duke! Yes, I did say a duke. Their first meeting was really fun, and I loved how their relationship developed, too. Overall a very swoony and lovely story that I found very enjoyable. Can’t wait to read more about the Mitchell brothers and everyone else at Happily Inc.”

Average Rating: 4.6


Proof of Life by J. A. Jance

BookBub member review: “I’ve read all of Jance’s J. P. Beaumont books — this was the best yet!”

BookBub member review: “I like J. P. Beaumont and his sense of humor. This book was fun to read.”

Average Rating: 4.6


The Summer That Made Us by Robyn Carr

BookBub member review: “Excellent story line… twists and turns. I continue to treasure Robyn Carr books!”

BookBub member review: “A beautiful book with so many different emotions.”

Average Rating: 4.6


Origin by Dan Brown

BookBub member review: “A good read that follows Dan Brown’s formula — religious conspiracy, great description of European art history, a smart and sexy sidekick that serendipitously gets thrown together with the main character. [B]ut [it’s] set in a new country and culture which was fun to learn about through a page-turn[ing] techno thriller.”

Average Rating: 4.5



Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King

BookBub member review: “I enjoyed Sleeping Beauties…. [W]hat I like about it is that there is no clear-cut ‘Oh, that’s why all this happened’ moment. Was it aliens? Maybe. Was it angels? Possibly. Does it have to be all wrapped up in a neat little bow with no questions unanswered? Not at all.”

Average Rating: 4.5

Reviews were edited for length and clarity.

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