14 ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

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The Chronicles of Narnia series is a long-standing favorite among readers. The books brought magic to life for young readers, and some of us have never stopped looking for that enchanted world just beyond the wardrobe! If you’re a fan of C. S. Lewis‘s classic novels, check out these Narnia memes that are sure to make you laugh out loud.


1. This one, that finally answers the question: What does the fox say?

 The answer? Nothing, of course!


2. Because Turkish Delight is good, but not that good.

 The real question: Is anything worth selling out your family to the White Queen? Probably not!


3. This one, in which Aslan is extremely witty.

 Aslan, forever witty, and forever missed!


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4. We all know this works out in Caspian’s favor.

 Spoiler alert for non-readers!


5. There’s no place like… Narnia.

 The one place we wish we could call home.


6. Is she a good witch, or a bad witch?

 Edmund Pevensie may never know.


7. Winter fashion has always been a no-brainer for Narnia fans.

 After all, we learned from the best.


8. Because we’ve all been there.

We’ll find those missing socks when we finally find the entrance to Narnia.


9. A hilarious way for Narnia fans to spend an afternoon.

 Then leap out and cry, “For Aslan!”


10. You can always tell when you meet the wrong sort of person.

 It’s a similar feeling as the one you get when someone says, ” I don’t like reading.”


11. This one, with a cat who wants to be Aslan when he grows up.

 For the Narnia-lovers who are also cat-lovers.


12. The only way to communicate.

 After all, who needs a new cellphone when you can have one of these?


13. Narnia fans know better.

 Narnia fans know the consequences involve the White Queen for sure!


14. And finally, the moment when two fandoms collide.

 Two beloved series come together in one meme perfect for readers of all ages!

Which of these is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!


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