22 Gifts Every Bookworm Will Love

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Shopping for the perfect gift to give that special bookworm in your life may seem hard, especially if that person has a reading list that just keeps growing and growing. But the truth is, just because someone is literary doesn’t mean you always have to get them a book! In fact, some of the best gifts for book lovers aren’t even novels at all. From bookish scarves to adorable jewelry, here are the best gifts for bookworms that aren’t books! Click on the images below to find purchase links for each of these items.


1. Cute shirts make book hangovers feel better.

gifts for book lovers 1


2. You won’t feel bad about falling asleep in the middle of this soft book pillow.

gifts for book lovers 2


3. A novel serving platter.

gifts for book lovers 3


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4. A wine glass that says what everyone’s already thinking.

gifts for book lovers


5. This cozy scarf that’s perfect for Wuthering Heights fans.

gifts for book lover 5


6. Never judge a book club by their wine charms.

gifts for book lovers 6


7. Old book smell > everything.

book candle


8. Game of Thrones fans are sure to love this mat.



9. This amazing mug makes banned words literally reappear.

banned books


10. Make a bold statement with these quotation mark earrings.

gifts for book lovers 10


11. You’ll definitely want to check these library socks out.



12. This sweatshirt inspired by Stephen King’s It.

losers club


13. This bookish necklace for fans of The Lord of the Rings.

necklace lotr


14. What happens when your inner party animal is actually a bookworm.



15. Make baking even more magical with this Harry Potterinspired rolling pin.

rolling pin


16. This oh-so-clever bookmark.

clever bookmark


17. A mug for the Pride and Prejudice fans in your life.

darcy mug


18. Say hello to your new favorite spoon.



19. These hilarious book coasters are perfect for bookworms who love puns.



20. Shine a light with this innovative wooden book lamp.

book lamp


21. Channel your inner Hermione Granger with this tote.

totes 2

22. Finally, these adorable bookish earrings are too cute to pass up.


 Click on the images above to find purchase links for each of these items.

Which of these literary gifts is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!


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