6 Things to Know About Nora Roberts’s ‘Year One’

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Since her first published novel in 1981, bestselling author Nora Roberts has published more than 200 romances, and on December 5, fans will be treated to a brand-new novel from the prolific writer. Her new book, Year One, is a significant departure from her typical romantic fare, though. We have all the details to know about the new Nora Roberts book below.

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1. Year One is much darker than Roberts’s usual fare.

Set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic New York City, Roberts describes her latest novel as fantasy. The author also said that while writing, she was pulled down “a detour, an unexplored road” with regard to the book’s themes and content.


2. Year One is the first book of a planned trilogy.

After a magical blight kills off most of humankind, the survivors that are left experience a surge in their magical abilities. Year One is set in this new magical world where schisms of good and evil divide a population that’s forced to rebuild.


3. Like her previous works, Year One features heavy magical elements.

Despite being packed with magical elements, Year One is ultimately about family and community — like many of Roberts’s novels. Roberts said, “Books and stories for me are all about the people in them, how they relate, or don’t.”


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4. There is no central love story in Year One.

In Year One, we’ll meet lovers Lana and Max, who are forced to reckon with their new post-apocalyptic home and find their way out of the dangerous city. According to Roberts, though, their romance won’t be the main focus of Year One. “[A]t least in the opening book,” she says, “the story can’t center on a central love story and hold for the rest.”


5. Roberts said Year One was difficult to write.

Roberts writes on her blog:

“The process of structuring this story – and laying the groundwork for the two that will follow – presented a creative challenge… For the first time in too long to remember a book woke me up at night, or kept me up… Writing it proved hard and bumpy and frustrating and tremendous fun. Finishing it was, for me, monumental.”


6. Year One is receiving strong reviews.

Kirkus calls Year One “A fast-paced, mesmerizing, and thought-provoking novel that will no doubt add to Roberts’s legions of fans.” Publishers Weekly declares that “Roberts knows how to write a page-turner… readers who are after a well-told apocalyptic story with magical touches will be satisfied.” Finally, Booklist says of Roberts new direction, “What Roberts has done, with her radical departure, is ensure that she will find new fans among readers attracted to apocalyptic sci-fi and speculative fiction.”

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