See the First Photos from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 2

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Entertainment Weekly has released an exclusive preview of The Handmaid’s Tale season 2 — including some images that may shock viewers, like this photo of Offred (played by Elisabeth Moss) wearing a blood-soaked shirt. But whose blood is it?

The first season of the show, based on Margaret Atwood’s award-winning dystopian novel about a society where certain women called “handmaids” are enslaved to reproduce, ended on a major cliffhanger. A pregnant Offred was driven away in a van, but viewers weren’t clear on whether she was being driven to freedom or punishment for her behavior. Though there is no sequel to Atwood’s novel, the author did release an alternative audiobook ending last year, which suggested that Offred’s future looked bleak. The first photos of season two seem to confirm that, including the below photo of the handmaids gathered in a snowy cemetery, which suggests that the second season will involve at least one handmaid’s funeral.

Though this second season is not based on a sequel she’s penned, Atwood is still involved in the direction of the show as a consulting producer to showrunner Bruce Miller. As Miller told Entertainment Weekly, “Margaret and I had started to talk about the shape of season two halfway through the first.” Miller was reluctant to spoil the second season for fans, but did tell Entertainment Weekly that the season would focus more on the refugees who have escaped Gilead, including Moira (Samira Wiley) and those exiled to the contaminated area of the country known as the Colonies, featured in this stark photo below.

The critically-acclaimed Hulu program has had an incredible awards season, earning major awards at the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Performance for an Actress in a TV Drama for Elisabeth Moss and the Golden Globe for Best TV Drama — beating out big shows like The Crown, Game of Thrones, and This is Us.

The Handmaid’s Tale returns to Hulu this April.


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