Here’s What Movie Critics Are Saying About ‘Fifty Shades Freed’

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Fifty Shades Freed hits the theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day. The sexy film is, of course, based on the third and final part of E L James‘s bestselling trilogy. Check out what the top critics are saying in our roundup of Fifty Shades Freed reviews below.


The Good

IndieWire: “Compared to how submissive… the character was in her two previous outings, Ana does seem extremely mischievous in 50 Shades Freed, the third and presumably last entry in this kinky franchise. Yet all in all, she’s only asking for the respect that she rightfully deserves.”

San Francisco Chronicle: “The essential thing is this: As silly as the movie is, and it’s silly in many ways, it accomplishes the fundamental task of making you believe that this is a young couple in love.”

TIME: “Fifty Shades Freed is what many people would call… a ‘guilty pleasure,’ though I rail against that idea in principle. Nothing that brings pleasure ought to be reflexively entwined with guilt… occasionally a movie just has the juice, some indefinable energy that even a perfectly crafted film can lack.”


The Bad

The Hollywood Reporter: “Freed rarely delivers the goods while trying hard to give fans what they came for: more visits to the “playroom” for some lightweight sadomasochism, more eye-rolling plot mechanics involving Christian Grey’s troubled past, more reactionary views on love and marriage…”

The New York Times: “As popular as this window-fogging franchise has become, its flaccid finale is likely critic proof. But if I can persuade just one of you to bypass its milquetoast masochism and watch the stratospherically superior 9 1/2 Weeks instead, then I will have done my job.”

ScreenDaily: “As the opening titles — which begin with the leads’ picture book marriage and then follows them on a European honeymoon straight out of a Pinterest vision board — make clear, the film knows exactly what its audience wants, and sets out to deliver it on every shallow front.”

The Wrap: “The last in the series seems to focus entirely on keeping the fans satisfied. And at this point, they’re basically the only ones likely to still be around.”

USA Today: “To her credit, Johnson actually turns in her best Shades stuff here… Too bad it’s not enough to save everything else about this whole silly affair’s fumbling climax.”

Variety: “What began.. as an ambiguity-laced power struggle between two people from separate social and sexual worlds has devolved into a far less intriguing victory lap for an exquisite couple that wants, and can afford, most of the same things…”


The Ugly

Entertainment Weekly: “Strip the pleasure away from a guilty pleasure and what are you left with exactly? Fifty Shades Freed…”

The Guardian: “Any vague hope that the best, or rather least worst, was being saved until last is swiftly made futile by an opening sequence so alarmingly vapid that it feels like a parody.”

Rolling Stone: “Back in 2015, we generously awarded Fifty Shades of Grey a one-star rating. For the sequel, we cut that down to half a star. With this last entry, we have officially hit the bottom of the barrel.”

The Telegraph: “There are complex and conflicted characters and then there are scripts that don’t add up… Dornan fought so valiantly with his dialogue in parts one and two, but in this one he just looks spent, playing his scenes with a thousand-yard stare that reminded me of Cillian Murphy’s PTSD-stricken soldier in Dunkirk.”

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