Here’s What We Know About John Green’s ‘Turtles All the Way Down’ Movie So Far

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John Green fans, get ready to grab another box of tissues! The young adult novelist’s most recent tearjerker, Turtles All the Way Down, is headed to the big screen.

Released in October 2017, the novel focuses on a 16-year-old girl with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) who teams up with a friend to track down a missing billionaire.

In a video posted in December 2017 to his YouTube channel, Green revealed that Fox has officially optioned the rights to the teen tale.

He also spoke candidly about his hopes for the Turtles All the Way Down movie, which as of yet has no release date, saying:

“The big challenge for me in Turtles All the Way Down was whether I could use language to find some sort of direct form or expression for obsessive thoughts, rather than only relying on metaphor. I wanted to try to give readers not only a sense of what OCD is like but maybe at least a glimpse into what it is. Which is, like, a profoundly non-visual thing.”

This isn’t the first time Green’s work has served as inspiration for the silver screen. The big screen adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars grossed more than $300 million at the global box office and helped make stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort household names. In 2015, the studio followed up with an adaptation of Green’s 2008 novel, Paper Towns. While the film version of Paper Towns failed to recreate the success of The Fault in Our Stars — the film only grossed roughly $85 million — it’s clear that Fox has a vested interest in bringing adaptations of Green’s work to fruition.

While Green is known for heart-wrenching reads, he has also been open with fans about his personal struggle with OCD, saying that he considers Turtles All the Way Down his most intimate work:

“[This book] is my first attempt to write directly about the kind of mental illness that has affected my life since childhood, so while the story is fictional, it is also quite personal.”

While no major news about casting has been made public yet, we personally can’t wait for more details about this incredible project to come out! Stay tuned for updates.


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