Watch the Heartwarming First ‘Christopher Robin’ Trailer

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Disney has released the first teaser trailer for their new Winnie the Pooh movie! The live-action film, titled Christopher Robin, looks utterly charming. Take a look below:

Christopher Robin brings two old friends together again in a delightful fantasy film set in London in the late 1940s. Veteran actor Ewan McGregor plays a beleaguered Christopher Robin, now all grown up with a wife (Hayley Atwell) and daughter (Bronte Carmichael), a demanding boss (Mark Gatiss), and all the worries and stresses of adulthood.

In the trailer, Christopher has to cancel a trip with his family because of his job. While Christopher sits on a park bench contemplating what to do, Winnie the Pooh (voiced by veteran Pooh actor Jim Cummings) shows up to remind his old friend of the magic and wonder of his childhood.

“I’m cracked,” Christopher says in the trailer as he stares at his beloved childhood companion. “Oh, I don’t see any cracks,” an older-sounding Pooh says, gently touching Christopher’s face. “A few wrinkles, maybe.”

Director Marc Forster (The Kite RunnerFinding Neverland) spoke of the casting choice to Entertainment Weekly:

“Obviously, [Ewan] is a grown man, but he also has a very boyish look to him that I feel was important to be connected to. You feel like there’s this inner child to him, even though it’s buried. It’s there.”

Forster says this new Winnie the Pooh was inspired by the different versions of the bear that have been created over the years. A new Pooh was crafted that would look both familiar and translate well to a live-action film. The honey-loving bear’s “Pooh-isms,” as Forster calls them, still offer a lot of wisdom for a new audience: “The movie is so full of joy and emotion and also of scenes that I think are very timely,” he says. “[Pooh] is still as relevant today as he’s ever been. Perhaps even more so.”

With a screenplay by Allison Schroeder (Hidden Figures) and Alex Ross Perry, the movie will also feature other familiar characters from the Hundred Acre Wood. The ensemble cast will include Tigger (voiced by Chris O’Dowd), Eeyore (Brad Garrett), Piglet (Nick Mohammed), Owl (Toby Jones), Rabbit (Peter Capaldi), and Kanga (Sophie Okonedo).

Following last fall’s A. A. Milne biopic Goodbye, Christopher Robin starring Domhnall Gleeson, this heartwarming film promises to delight Winnie the Pooh fans all over again.

Christopher Robin lands in theaters on August 3.


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